Brooklyn Terminator
Bridge of Terror:  The BT-800 Terrorizes the Brooklyn Bridge

Photography by Alan Camuto,

"Here I come..."

"Care to put me up for the night?"

"Are YOU Sarah Connor?"

NYPD was very tolerant of me this day...ahem...

"Where is everybody?   Why did this walkway clear out?"

The BT-800 had started out as an obligatory project,  but soon I really got into the character.
I love performing as him!
Every performance is a physical challenge:   if you see me,  please be kind and offer me water.

Thanks,  NYPD...

   Listen to the music of Steve Jablonsky

                                                                                                                                                                        - Beth Brown

The team protected,  terrorized,  and entertained the 2012 NY Comic Con.
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